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This class is the building block of MMA.  Here you will learn the basics; take downs (double leg, single leg, etc.), striking (punching, kicking, kneeing, etc.) and ground work (armbars, chokes, positioning), as well as how to defend against all of them.  If you want to learn MMA for the first time or want to sharpen up what you already know, this class is for you.
Teaching the fundamentals of tackling safe
Same great instruction, just in the morning.
Small Circle Ju Jitsu (SCJJ) is a self-defense art that is geared toward people of all ages and teaches individuals how to effectively defend themselves against unexpected assailants (muggers, bullies, etc). The goal in SCJJ is to develop a sense of awareness so that you are able to recognize a potential threat and get away safely. Once attacked, you will learn how to close (shut down), strike and joint lock your attacker in a smart and effective way. Along with learning different ways you might avoid a confrontation, if unavoidable, students are trained on how to end a confrontation fast. The training provided at GC MMA is scenario based and hands-on.