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The Shock Of What Happened...

Now that the fight and the shock of what happened in the fight between Silva and Weidman is over, lets talk about it and break it down. First, let's look at what Weidman did right besides the great gif and highlight film knock out. Since Silva is a slow starter that tries to figure out his opponent, it was smart to go after him and score early. Now what I didnʼt like about what Weidman was where his head was when he attacked and his lack of head movement. This is leaves Weidman wide open for counter shots which we started to see happen toward the end of the first round and the beginning of the second round.


What I didnʼt like about Silva in the fight last Saturday was that he that he never really established a jab that would have kept Weidman at bay longer and given him more time to try and get a knockout. Instead of using his jab consistently he decided to dance around and that wound up getting him taken down. While on the ground, Silva decided to play an open guard game which with his long legs and a Gi would have worked perfectly but this is MMA and it got him hit way more than he needed to be hit. And Finally the elephant in the room....what beat Silva was Silva. Yes, Weidman made him pay for acting like a idiot, but how hard is it to hit a guy dancing in front of you with his hands down?



There's a lot more to talk about but these are the major things I saw that made the fight. While I felt that the fight was moving toward another Silva win, you actually have to fight to win. Soul Train was cancelled.