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Gate City Mixed Martial Arts (GC MMA) . We have been teaching MMA in Nashua, NH since 2002, formerly as Ultimate MMA & Self Defense . At our school we focus on teaching MMA as a whole system in itself, not just as part of another Martial Art system. Over the years, we have found that this approach is the best way to learn and teach MMA. At GC MMA, we don't just teach what we know, we actively use it ourselves. All of our instructors have fought, or are still competing, in the highest local and national levels. We don't believe that you really understand something well enough to teach it, unless you have experience putting it in to practice yourself. 


In our Self Defense Class we teach a modern system of Ju Jitsu called Small Circle Ju Jitsu (SCJJ), which was founded by Professor Wally Jay and handed down to Sensei Ed Melaugh. SCJJ is a street smart style of self defense that relies on leverage, off balancing, and the tools to quickly take out your opponent using joint locks, striking, and effective take downs so you can get out a confrontation safely. 


At GC MMA, we treat our students like family and strive to uphold this type of family environment. We feel students, at all levels of experience, should feel comfortable while training hard for anything; fitness, competition, or the important skills involved in learning how to defend yourself.